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Simply put, SEO or search engine optimization is the single most important marketing you can do to bring in new customers into your business.


On-page SEO refers to the optimizing of individual website pages in order to rank higher in search engines.


Off-site SEO refers to the of creating links or mentions of your business or website url on relevant high authority sites across the web.


PPC or pay per click, refers to paid advertising in a search engine like Google. Paid ads can be at the top or bottom of a search.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

When done correctly, seo services can increase a businesses reach by showing your business in relevant search queries by potential customers. The more times your business gets in front of someone needing your services, the more business you will receive.

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The ROI Experts

When it comes to pure return on investment, there is no bettter way to spend your money then on search engine optimization services. Nothing is better then making sure your business is front and center when customers need you.

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Best Practices

This isn’t an overnight thing. Search engine seo is an ongoing endeavor, and Google is always changing the rules. But in the long term it is well worth the investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. The average cost varies from area to area and the niche that you are working in. If you are a dentist in Orange Country California, you may be paying a fairly hefty price to make sure your dental practice comes up in the local 3 pack for relevant searches. If you are a house painter in a small town of say 25,000 your costs will be much lower. There are other factors that go into it as well.

The reality is that although being on every social network is a little ridiculous, for seo it’s actually a good idea. The backlinks from these highe authority sites are worth their weight in gold.

In a word, yes. Google tells us that content is King. So a well written description about a product or service can have a positive affect on how search engines view your page.

It all depends on the keywords and the competition in the niche. Sometimes we see fast results, just a few weeks. Other times it may take up to 6 months to see good results.

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We would need access to your GMB Google My Business account. Access to your website and social media profiles. W can help without having access to your social accounts but it makes it much easier for us.

Yes. We are a full service digital marketing company. We provide Website design, SEO, PPC, Social media help along with reputation management services and mobile marketing.

We have been able to raise the search rankings of our clients well over 90%. Given enough time, we can do it 100% of the time if we have control of your website content and your Google my business account.

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