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Online Reputation Management

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Many small businesses, especially those with physical locations that serve just their communities, underestimate the importance of building and maintaining a positive online presence.  The internet covers the entire world, so why is the worldwide presence of your small local business so important?

Studies have shown that over 80% of online searchers follow up via an in-store visit. That means that your local customers are using the internet to find businesses around, and your next customer is more likely to find you online than driving by your storefront or billboard advertisement.  If your business lacks an enticing web presence, you risk losing business to competitors found in the same internet search who have ensured they have a positive online presence.

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Business Listings Management

When customers search online for where your business is located and how they can reach you, they often view your business listings across the web. These consist of the basic and enhanced information gathered and reported about your business across multiple sites, maps and mobile apps.

This information needs to be accurate and as up to date as possible to help drive prospects and customers to call or visit your physical location.

Unfortunately, for most business owners, these listings often contain basic errors, can be incongruent across multiple sites, or are missing altogether. That winds up costing you in missed opportunities, the loss of new customers, and less revenue simply because your local information is out-of-sync.

Complete Digital Presence Control

We’ll ensure that your business can be found everywhere customers are searching and lock in the correct information from one single source that you control within your Reputation Loop dashboard.  This ensures that only you control the information posted about your business online.

With real-time control of your listing across a network of 55+ leading sites, maps, and apps, we provide you with a guaranteed presence, making sure your correct and consistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) information is published, with updates appearing within 24 to 72 hours.

In today’s competitive marketplace, your customers expect nothing less than precision.


Reputation & Listings Management

Quickclickmobile will monitor your Businesses online presence including how your business listings show up in all the most popular listings sites like Yelp, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. We will monitor your customers, past employees or anyone who is posting about your business any where on the web. If someone posts a review of your business online you will be alerted right away. Our software not only monitors your online reviews in one place, it actually helps you build a positive online reputation by filtering negative reviews. For more information how we can help you with a 5 star reputation online give us a call today.

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